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The Environmental Protection Authority has ignored their own previous reports and thousands of community submissions by recommending approval for the Roe Highway to be built through one of Perth's most important wetland ecosystems.

Building more roads only leads to more traffic, more pollution and more impacts on the health of our communities.

Please send a message to Premier and Minister for the Environment asking them to reject plans to destroy the beautiful Beeliar Wetlands with an expensive and unsustainable road to nowhere.

The Save Beeliar Wetlands campaign aims to protect and promote the wetlands and bushland of the North Lake and Bibra Lake Reserves in the Beeliar Regional Park.

The area is currently under threat from plans for the construction of Roe Highway Stage 8. Now is the time for us to have our say to let the Premier and and his Environment and Transport Ministers know we do not want this unnescessary road project.

The Beeliar wetlands are one of the most significant cultural sites for Aboriginal people in the Southern Metropolitan region, they are home to endangered species such as the Carnabys Cockatoo, and the beautiful parklands are used by tens of thousands of local people and visitors per year.

building a highway through this Regional Park would destroy the recreational, cultural and environmental values of the area forever, and simply move a traffic congestion problem from one place to another.

Attached below is a petition sheet, please distribute to friends and family, your support is greatly appreciated!

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