Environmental Art Awards


CCWA is proud to present the inaugural Western Australian Environmental Art Awards Exhibition.

The exhibition, which ran from Saturday 22nd October to Saturday 5th November 2011, showcased art work from almost 200 amateur and professional artists form accross WA. Each piece reflected how ordinary West Australians feel about the WA environment and key environmental themes.

2011 Environmental Arts Award Professional Artist Prize


Helen Seiver - Birdland – Goldilocks Region – Scarlet Robin

Artist statement
“This work is a response to the concerns of habitat fragmentation and destruction, introduced species and the vast array of impacts which further threaten and diminish bird populations.”

Highly Commended:

Stephen Genovese - The Glory Of Our Sciences And Militant Alliances Reveal Their Basic Worth Along The Mounds Of Dead Appliances

Hanne Ibach - Collage Of Beachfound Fishinglines #1 and #2

Dean Moyes - Realm Of Survival


Conservation Council of WA Amateur Artist Award


Gwenael Velge - Logs In The Vines

Artist statement
Logs In The Vines was taken flying my paraglider above the Pemberton region. What is the semi-trailer doing there, how does it fit? I find the image both poetic and narrative.”

Highly Commended

Patricia Neil-Smith – Balance

Artemis Kitsios - Function Less Fragility

Janet Holt-Freter - Gecko Gorge

Eartheart Youth Award


Evelyn Vivier – Mother Nature’s Scream For Help

Artist statement
“This surrealistic work depicts Mother Nature's spirit hovering above a desolate landscape. Tonsil shapes deep below portray the scream for help which rises and translates into the grasping trees.”

Highly Commended

Eve Collander - Freedom

Elizabeth Ellis - The Bush Fairy

Perth Zoo Children’s Award


Robbie Lee - Forest Guardians

Artist statement
“Under the cover of darkness two noble warriors are remarking on the splendid forests. As the moon rises to its potential height, the magician builds up an otherwise dead tree. As they work a shooting star bursts through the sky igniting that small glimmer of hope. And that is all they need.”

Highly Commended

Georgia Street, Jennifer Kjellgrren and Ellie Greenwood – The Aboriginal Days

Replants United Nations 2011 International Year of Forests Award


Susan Hauri-Downing – A Wardian Case Experiment

Artist statement
“A Banksia seed impregnated with European moss is sealed in a vessel. Slowly new life emerges. An exploration of colonisation and the global cultivation of native and foreign plant species, signifying home and place, melding personal and cultural needs.”

Highly Commended:

Eileen Lee – Margaret River Forest


Bonking Frog Peoples' Choice Award

The winner of the Bonking Frog People’s Choice Award, as voted by the public, was Gwenael Velge’s Open Cut, a beautiful photograph taken while paragliding over a mine site in the Goldfields region. Well done Gwenael!


The lucky winner of a beautiful limited edition canvas by Adam Monk for voting in the People’s Choice Award was Nancy Hartshorn from East Perth – congratulations Nancy!

For further information, please call (08) 9420 7266 or email conswa@ccwa.org.au.

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