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The WA Government has applied to continue its shark cull for a further three years, despite the massive community opposition to this brutal and illogical program.


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Our greatest power to get a better deal for WA is at election time. But with advertising from political parties filling our mailboxes and dominating our airwaves, it can be hard to know who to trust. At CCWA, we have surveyed the major parties on the environment and climate issues that are critical to Western Australia and the future of our nation.  We have cut through the political spin and done the analysis on policies like renewable energy, wildlife conservation laws, cutting pollution of our air and water, and even the shark cull.
This morning’s West Australian newspaper contained a rather amazing opinion piece penned by gas fracking industry lobbyist Steadman Ellis. In the article, Steadman makes a variety of claims about gas fracking and the concerted campaign by ‘radical green activists’ against the industry he represents.
Conservation Groups have vowed to step up their fight against the destruction of native forest and endangered wildlife habitat by the State’s loss-making native logging operations, following the release today of a new 10-year forest logging plan by Environment Minister Albert Jacob.
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TO MAKE A REGULAR DONATION TO THE NUCLEAR FREE CAMPAIGN TAKE ACTION - Send your message of opposition to the proposed uranium mine at Kintyre to the EPA, Premier and Environment Minister. WA has never had a commercial uranium mine; we’ve had state wide bans on uranium mining and federal restrictions on uranium mining and a long history of public opposition.
Our beautiful South West forests are under threat from shocking new plans to increase karri logging! Western Australia has forests that are globally significant biodiversity hotspots, containing a unique diversity of plant and animal species found nowhere else in the world. Forests are natural carbon stores, water filters and rain makers, but above all else are vital for a healthy eco-system and community.
Western Australians are among the biggest consumers of resources in the world and one of the biggest factors contributing to this unsustainable consumption is the lack of recycling activity here in WA. Just about everything we throw away can potentially be recycled, but in WA we send thousands of tonnes of packaging, building materials and other valuable resources to rubbish dumps around the state every year.
Hydraulic Fracturing (‘Fracking’) for gas or oil involves pumping a cocktail of highly carcinogenic and toxic chemicals deep underground at extreme pressure in order to fracture rocks and release natural gas. Where this has occurred elsewhere in the world it has resulted in the permanent contamination of groundwater aquifers. Here in WA, the fracking industry is currently active and unregulated. The Conservation Council is, with partners, campaigning to stop this dangerous process. Check out the Clean Water Healthy Land campaign site. Tell your MP, the Environment Minister and the Premier that you care - use the handy 'Find Your MP' function on our online action here. Check out the amazing advertisment that we've had made about the risks of shale gas fracking here.
The Kimberley region is internationally recognised for its unspoilt marine, coastal and inland environments including islands, coral reefs, mangroves, rainforests, rangelands and rivers. Industrial developments like the gas hub threaten these marine, coastal and inland areas.
Are you empowered for a cleaner energy future? Empower WA is a collection of local community sector groups who believe that as West Australians we can reduce our bills, create jobs and fight climate change through positive policies and initiatives. We are working together to create a better future for our children. A vision for WA As West Australians, we are in a prime position to take advantage of green technology and new ways of doing things.
Less than 1% of Australia’s South West marine environment is protected, despite being home to a far greater level of unique species than the Great Barrier Reef. The federal government is considering the future of these waters right now – we need to tell our Prime Minister - 1% protection is not enough.

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